Speaker Profiles

These are in alphabetical order by surname (and the year of presentation). Just click on the relevant presentation to read the Speaker's profile. Many of the presentations are available to view free of charge on the GGI YouTube channel (just click here).

Speaker Profiles - GGI2016

Jim Barry - Testing Ancestral Remains: The Barrymore DNA Project

Katherine Borges  - Introducing DNA for Genealogy

Prof Dan Bradley  - Recent Findings in Ancient Irish DNA

Jens Carlsson - The genetic identification of the 1916 Cork Rebel, Thomas Kent

Robert Casey - Y-SNPs: Key to the future

Ann Marie Coghlan - Adding DNA to your Family History Society

Gerard Corcoran  - ISOGG Ireland Update

John Cleary  - The latest developments in Y-DNA

René Gapert - Testing Ancestral Remains: The Barrymore DNA Project

Ed Gilbert  - The Irish DNA Atlas Project: update Oct 2016

Maurice Gleeson  - Identifying our Soldiers of WWI

Debbie Kennett  - The Future of Autosomal DNA Testing

Michelle Leonard  - Using DNA to Solve Family Tree Mysteries

Maggie Lyttle - Adding DNA to your Family History Society

Linda Magellan - DNA testing for beginners

Dennis O'Brien - The DNA of Clan O’Brien

Peter Sjölund - Viking DNA in Ireland. Do you have some and where did it come from?

Diahan Southard - "Five Tips To Make Sense of Your DNA Testing" & "The Marriage of Genetics and Genealogy: A Case Study"

Paddy Waldron - The Ups & Downes of atDNA Matching

Dennis Wright - The DNA of the Dál gCais and sub-clades discovered with Big-Y

Jennifer Zinck - Investigating Family History Mysteries with DNA: The Tools

Speaker Profiles - GGI2015

Emily Aulicino - Getting the most out of your autosomal DNA results

Prof Dan BradleyThe Best Bones, Ancient Genomics, & Transitions in European Prehistory

Gerard CorcoranISOGG Ireland update 

John Cleary - Getting the most out of your Y-DNA results

John Cleary - The Big Y - SNP testing

Deb Gellerson & Margaret LaCombe - The Maine Gaeltacht Project

Ed Gilbert - The Irish DNA Atlas Project

Maurice Gleeson - Which DNA test is best for you?

Maurice Gleeson - Building a Family Tree with SNPs, STRs, & Named People

James Irvine - A Scots-Irish Case Study: the Irwin DNA Project

Debbie Kennett - DNA for Beginners

Debbie Kennett - I've got my autosomal DNA results but now what do I do?

Linda Kerr - DNA for Absolute Beginners

Brad Larkin - Understanding DNA in the News

Brad Larkin - The Future of Genetic Genealogy

Prof J P Mallory - Irish Origins Revisited

Elizabeth O'Donoghue/Ross, Finbar O'MahonyThe Munster Irish DNA Project - an Update Two Years On & An Explosion of SNPs

Brian Swann - Welsh-Norman & Irish interactions through the Past

Dr Cathy Swift - Irish Clans & Irish identity

Dr Cathy Swift - Of Mice and Viking Men

Speaker Profiles - GGI2014

Maurice Gleeson - Which DNA test is best for you?

Debbie Kennett - DNA for beginners

Speaker Profiles - GGI2013

Tyrone Bowes - Pinpointing Your Irish Origin using Commercial Ancestral DNA Testing

Katherine Borges - The Irish-American DNA connection

Katherine Borges - The basics of DNA testing

Prof Dan Bradley - DNA and the Irish past

Gerard Corcoran - Using Genetic Genealogy to map Inbound & Outbound Migrations from Ireland

John Creer - How DNA testing and analysis has transformed the knowledge of a Manx family’s history – so far!

Maurice Gleeson - Which DNA test is best for you?

Maurice Gleeson - Autosomal DNA, Adoptees, & finding long lost Irish relatives

Patrick Guinness - The Genetic History of Ireland (panel discussion)

Margaret Jordan - The Genetic History of Ireland (panel discussion)

Debbie Kennett - DNA for beginners: the three tests

Debbie Kennett - Chromosomes, conquerors and castles: DNA testing and the Cruise/Cruse/Cruwys one-name study

Adrian Martyn - The Medieval Families of Galway Town

Nigel McCarthy - DNA profiling of McCarthy septs and agnomens

Elizabeth O'Donoghue/Ross, Nigel McCarthy, Finbar O'Mahony - The Munster Irish DNA Project and the Men of Munster – Who Are They?

Finbar O'Mahony - The O'Mahony surname study

Geoff Swinfield - How DNA ruined my family tree!

Cynthia Wells - Exploring the Mysteries ~ Exploding the Myths ~ Expanding your Family History with DNA

The lectures were sponsored by FamilyTreeDNA and organised by ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy).

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